Thanks, Mr. Wills

Hey Mr. Wills,

Or maybe you’d prefer me to call you Dave. 

Regardless of the semantics, I know that I speak for every Rays fan that’s ever tuned in to listen to you call a game for giving your time and energy to making Rays baseball a truly joyful and fun experience. 

You were the consummate professional. You knew what you were talking about, and you spoke with class and elegance. 

You made it seem like you were just in our living rooms, or our cars, describing in great, intricate detail the happenings of the game. 

But what I’d like to thank you for, most of all, is being a wonderful human being. 

There have been countless postings about the selfless acts you did to make others’ spirits fill with joy, and this recounting is no different. 

My parents and I have been Rays fans my entire life. We moved here when I wasn’t a year old, and my love for baseball grew throughout my life, in no short part because of your and Andy’s calling of games.

I went to school to pursue my love of journalism and sports, again, founded in no small part because of you and your signature strike three call, & ended up graduating with a degree in Mass Communications. 

For my graduation present, my wonderful parents reached out to you and Andy to be part of a congratulations video. You might remember my mom as Twitter user @JClaireB. You would constantly make her and my dad’s nights, shouting her out on the broadcast and making my parents feel as special as I’m sure every other person you’ve touched with that generous spirit you shared with the world felt. 

But back to the graduation video. You and Andy wished me luck in my future endeavors and congratulated me for graduating from college. The impact that this video had on me personally cannot be overstated. It will forever be a cherished memory for me as I continue this crazy journey of life.  

So thank you Mr. Wills. You made such a profound impact on the Rays community and its fans. Thank you for being you and spreading your love of the game. 

Thank you for giving me and my parents memories of sitting around our crappy little light blue radio and listening to you and Andy talk about this great game. I sure am appreciative of it. 

Maybe I’ll get to hear you call a game again some time.

A huge fan,

Carter Brantley